Tourism In Colombia

Tourism In Colombia And The Halal Option For Muslims That My Website Can Offer You

Colombia is a country with contrasts. Here you will travel across tropical jungles of the Amazon or snow capped peaks of the Andes. If you are a water-lover, you will also get a chance to immerse yourself in the pristine waters of the Caribbean coasts. However, if you are a foodie, then you are in for some fantastic treats. Colombia has fantastic gastronomy, which includes platters, puddings, and halal options for its Muslim tourists.

Transferstours is your one-stop destination for all types of travel plans to Colombia, especially for those looking for Halal traveling options. We recommend you Halal-certified restaurants, Halal places to visit, and Halal activities you can perform in the city.

In the meantime, let’s check out the popular places you can explore in Colombia.

Booming tourism in Colombia

Colombia is a beautiful country if you want to explore South American culture. If you are into sculptures, then Medellin is the place for you, which hosts a collection of sculptures donated by various famous artists. Colombia is also the home to rich wildlife, and you will be in for some of the most fantastic wildlife safaris in the amazon. This charming country also has treats for water babies and hosts majestic beaches with crystal-clear lagoons along the coasts and coves with palm shades. You can find most of these around the Sierra Nevada or Tayrona.

Explore the colonial city of Cartagena

Cartagena is one of the famous colonial cities, which has attracted many tourists owing to its history. Built on the grounds of slavery and gold, Cartagena is home to artistic and colourful balconies, and the sunsets here are a wholesome view. However, do you know that you can also witness a flash mob in the plazas of Cartagena?

Ciudad Perdida is a hidden gem

The archaeological site of Teyuna, Ciudad Perdida, is considered to be a lost city. In this hidden gem, you can be a witness to the beautiful terrace-style settlements, which are one of a kind! You can plan for a trek to this place and make your way across the gorgeous sculptures and statues. Do you know what makes these statues unique? They are half-human and half-animal statues carved in stones.

Colombian gastro tourism

Do you know Colombia has a gastronomic festival? This country has a rich cuisine which is supported in this festival. This festival promotes all the local flavours and showcases a variety of foods for you. But apart from this festival, you can also explore Colombian gastronomy in the destinations like Medellin, Bogota or Santa Marta. From tastiest Fritanga to finger-licking Empanadas, you will get a colourful platter of food. Don’t forget to try out authentic Colombian coffee! It is perhaps the most aromatic coffee you will ever come across.

Exploring halal options in Colombia

Although halal is not one of the most sought-after dishes in Colombia, it has gained popularity with the expanding Muslim community in the country. Unfortunately, there are not many options for you to choose from, but those few available serve unique halal dishes. Wrapped in natural beauty, Bogota is a must-visit for you if you would like to taste some exquisite halal on your tour.

In Bogota, you will find El Khalifa Shawarma, which will offer you an array of halal options. It is reported to be the only restaurant in Bogota that is certified to serve halal. Not only does this restaurant have a fantastic décor, but it also offers you some amazing vegetarian dishes.

There are a few mosques in Bogota too, which have facilities to store halal meat. People from these mosques go out of Bogota to collect halal meat, which is often stored in the freezers of mosques. This meat is then sold to a few restaurants. So you get the picture, right? It will be quite some work if you are out to find halal restaurants other than El Khalifa Shawarma.


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Flights and hotel to Colombia

Flights and hotel to Colombia

Do you want to live an unforgettable memory? These are the main cities in Colombia that will give you a pleasant experience, full of memorable moments.

Colombia is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, with the beaches of Santa Marta recognized for being the best in America. You can also find very attractive mountainous landscapes in the city of eternal spring, Medellín, which in turn is one of the favorite destinations for tourists.

Another important city that you cannot miss is Cali, the city of salsa: you will love the joy and festive atmosphere that you will experience in its streets. Bucaramanga, the city of parks, has a pleasant, calm climate, it is ideal to live a moment of rest and relaxation.

Barranquilla, the golden gate of Colombia, is perfect to enjoy the Carnival festivities, immensely popular around the world. In the Heroic City of Cartagena, you will know the famous historical sites, ideal to live in a romantic plan with your partner.

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Assemble your package

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Book your package

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Start enjoying and live unforgettable moments

If it is the first time you travel to Colombia, you will fall in love with everything you will experience in a short time. In each city you have new experiences waiting for you. The tour guides will show you the best of each city, typical, gastronomic, cultural, natural places, where you can enjoy a good photo accompanied by those you love the most. Memorable memories that will be stories full of anecdotes from the future.

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