The best of the Amazon and Colombian Orinoquia

meet the lungs of the world in the colombian amazon and Colombian Orinoquia

amazon and Colombian Orinoquia

Surprise yourself with biodiversity as extensive as its river, the Colombian Amazon is synonymous not only with nature and adventure but also with sustainability, but with a component that makes it unique in the region: its people. Today the local community enchants thousands of world travelers while preserving its cultural wealth through the promotion of sustainable tourism, with experiences such as:

Artisanal fishing :in the house on the water: on the way to Lake Tarapoto there is a floating raft on the banks of the Amazon River, a perfect place to rest from bad weather while learning to fish for small animals in the area such as the famous piranhas.

The Etuena Aquarium: a collection of around 47 live fish native to the Amazon that includes an explanation of the endemic species.

Yai Pata Uinchi Ethnographic Museum: the name means ‘the sacred elements of the house’, here travelers will be able to learn about customs and cultural samples that characterize indigenous ethnic groups such as the Ticunas, Cocamas and Yaguas.

Naipata II Viewpoint: As its name indicates, ‘tree house’, this viewpoint offers, 18 meters above the ground, a panoramic view of the landscape of Puerto Nariño, where you can see the Amazon and Loretoyacu rivers. Natutama Interpretive Center: located in Puerto Nariño, this space proposes a simulated sample of the ‘underwater world’. There you can find a variety of species between pink and gray dolphins and manatees, carved in wood by local artisans.

Victoria Regia Nature Reserve: 15 minutes by boat from Leticia you can admire the largest lotus in the Amazon.

Orinoquia region or eastern plains is one of the most important regions of the country thanks to its natural gas and oil reserves, it has gallery landscapes, great varieties of cattle and a gastronomy that cannot go unnoticed, the llanera veal, the Hallaca and palo a pique are some of its best-known dishes. Its vaquería songs and natural landscapes make this region an unmissable tourist site in the country.