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Medellín the new direction!

Medellin the new direction

medellin the new direction
medellin the new direction

Transfers & Tours Colombia day by day seeks to provide you with the best experiences, and this month we decided to embark on the adventure of La Ruta Paisa with Medellin and Antioquia, knowing in depth great places in which you can discover new cultures, new landscapes and other customs to That you take advantage of and get to know our country on your trip to Colombia with the best tour operators.

Medellin the city of eternal spring

Because of this we want to share with you some of the most beautiful and important places in the Paisa region, among which you will find Guatapé and La Piedra del Peñol, a place full of magic, warm people, delicious gastronomy and an excellent climate where you can admire beautiful works of art on the walls of the houses and observe at 2,135 meters above sea level a majestic landscape mixed between land and water.

Experiences in Medellin

You will also find the capital Paisa, MEDELLíN, the city of eternal spring where you will enjoy several attractions such as Pueblito Paisa, Parque de Los Pies Descalzos, La Plaza de Botero, among other magical and wonderful places where we capture the best of the route. Paisa.

Don’t think that’s it! …

You are going to live the experience of visiting Santa Fe de Antioquia, a place that transports you back in time, you will see again the cobbled streets, majestic colonial houses worthy of our pre-Hispanic culture, the grandeur of the imposing churches, and the tranquility of being in a beautiful park with a beautiful fountain and beautiful gardens.

Paisa culture

In 2020 we want to share these places with our travelers, so we enable Medellín in our services! And now you can meet with us these same destinations in different plans that we already have enabled, come to know and recognize emblematic places such as “La comuna 13”, La Hacienda Napoles, El Parque Arvi, El Parque Explora and much more, always accompanied by the best Private transportation service and bilingual logistical support that is ready to provide you with the best comfort.

Contact us to give you more information, and if you arrive at the Airport, don’t worry, we also have transportation service from the Airport to the Hotel or from the Hotel to the Airport.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity!