The Best of the Colombian Pacific

The Colombian Pacific region is one of the most pleasant trips and full of natural and cultural experiences that can be done in Colombia, the taste of its rich gastronomy, its warm waters, its humpback whales and its people, make this place part of the most interesting places for our travelers to explore and that is called one of the most beautiful areas of the country.

Malpelo Island, also called the sanctuary of flora and fauna of the Pacific, is one of the favorite places for diving lovers and has received several recognitions as a Natural World Heritage Site (Unesco).

Nuquí if you are bored with everyday life and want to disconnect for a few days, this place on the Colombian Pacific coast offers you tranquility and beaches without congestion or street vendors, in the beauty of the cove you can kayak among mangroves or wait for the sighting of the humpback whales and not to mention the gastronomic riches in Coqui that will leave you licking your fingers.

Solano Bay. In these brown sand beaches we find the magic and beauty of the sea, of the jungle. There are programs for every day: whale watching, walks along the Tundó River, visit to the El Tigre waterfall, indigenous communities, sport fishing. And whoever wants to dive or surf, or learn to surf, will be their favorite place.

Its friendly people. The colorful houses, the barbershops and the fried food stalls where they prepare tuna empanadas and egg arepas, will force you to make a stop to try their rich gastronomy.

Gorgona Island If you want to feel in paradise, this beautiful place is made up of 4 islets, highlighting its marine area that corresponds to 97% of its territory and being a magical place protected by natural parks, you will find the largest coral reefs on the Pacific coast. history is very interesting since it was a prison in the past and its difficult access and climate made the inmates fear this site. but it was closed and became a natural refuge