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Colombia Visa Requirements

Colombia Visa Requirements – Entry Essentials

Planning a trip to Colombia? Before booking your flight, it’s important to know the visa requirements to enter Colombia and the Colombian visa regulations. Not fulfilling these requirements can result in delays or even denial of entry, potentially ruining your travel plans.

In this section, we will provide you with essential information about the visa requirements to enter Colombia, so you can have a smooth journey and enjoy all that this beautiful country has to offer.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding visa requirements is crucial for a seamless trip to Colombia
  • Fulfilling visa regulations is essential to avoid delays or denial of entry
  • Plan ahead and prepare all necessary documents to ensure a hassle-free entry process
  • Colombia offers different types of visas, choose the one that suits your travel intentions
  • Visa exemptions apply to certain travelers, know if you are eligible for a visa-free entry

Types of Visas for Colombia

As you plan your journey to Colombia, understanding the different types of visas available is vital. There are several visa categories, each designed to cater to different types of travelers.

If you’re unsure which visa to apply for, we’ll guide you through the Colombian visa application process here.

Visitor Visa (V Visa)

The Visitor Visa category is suitable for those who plan to visit Colombia for tourism and leisure activities, such as sightseeing, visiting friends, or attending social events.

The Visa allows a stay of up to 180 days and can be extended for another 90 days. You must provide a valid passport, return flight ticket, proof of accommodation, and sufficient funds to cover your expenses during your stay.

Temporary (TP) Visa

This visa is available for those who plan to stay in Colombia for study, medical treatment, or business purposes. The Temporary Visa category has various subcategories depending on the purpose of travel, such as:

  • TP-4: Temporary work visa
  • TP-13: Student visa
  • TP-14: Medical treatment visa

Temporary Visas are valid for up to three years and can be extended for up to two years. Applicants must provide documentation that proves they meet the requirements for their chosen subcategory.

Resident (RE) Visa

The Resident Visa category is suitable for those who plan to live permanently in Colombia. It is also available for those who wish to work long-term or invest in the country. The most common subcategories of the Resident Visa include:

  • RE-1: Pension visa
  • RE-6: Investment visa

The Resident Visa allows for indefinite stay and is renewable every five years. Applicants must provide documentation that proves they meet the requirements for their chosen subcategory.

Visa Categories and Validity

Visa CategoryValidity
Visitor (V) VisaUp to 180 days, extendable for up to 90 days
Temporary (TP) VisaUp to three years, extendable for up to two years
Resident (RE) VisaIndefinite stay, renewable every five years

It is essential to note that visa requirements and eligibility criteria may vary depending on the traveler’s nationality and other factors. Therefore, it is advisable to check the Colombian embassy or consulate website in your country for more information.

Colombian Visa Application Process

If you’re planning a trip to Colombia, you’ll need to apply for a Colombian visa before your departure. The visa application process may differ based on your nationality and travel intentions. Here, we guide you through the general steps involved in obtaining a Colombian visa.

Step 1: Determine Your Visa Category

Before applying for a Colombian visa, find out which visa category suits your travel intentions. The Colombian visa categories include tourist, student, business, work, among others. Determine which visa category applies to you and make sure you meet the corresponding requirements.

Step 2: Gather Required Documents

Next, gather the required documents for your Colombian visa application. Generally, you’ll need a valid passport, a passport-sized photograph, a copy of your flight itinerary, financial statements, proof of accommodation in Colombia, and a completed visa application form. Make sure you have all the necessary documents ready before submitting your application.

Required Documents for Colombian Visa Application
Valid passport with a minimum of six months validity
Passport-sized photograph
Completed visa application form
Copy of flight itinerary
Proof of accommodation in Colombia
Bank statements or other proof of financial means

Step 3: Submit Application to Colombian Embassy or Consulate

Submit your completed visa application form and supporting documents to the Colombian embassy or consulate in your area. Make sure to check the embassy’s website for any additional requirements or visa fees.

Step 4: Wait for Processing

After submitting your application, wait for processing, which may take several weeks. Remember that processing times can vary depending on the type of visa and your circumstances.

Once your application is approved, you’ll receive a passport stamp or Colombian visa sticker. Make sure to double-check the information on your visa to ensure it’s accurate and up-to-date.

Obtaining a Colombian visa doesn’t have to be complicated if you follow the right steps. With adequate preparation and the necessary documentation, you’ll be one step closer to enjoying your trip to Colombia.

Colombia Immigration Requirements

Colombia welcomes visitors from all over the world, and to ensure a smooth entry into the country, there are specific immigration requirements that must be met. Here is a breakdown of the crucial requirements and documentation that you need to prepare:

Valid PassportA passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of arrival in Colombia.
Entry and Exit FormsThe Migratory Movement Card and the Customs Declaration Form must be completed upon arrival.
VisaDepending on your nationality and the purpose of your trip, you may need to obtain a Colombian visa prior to arrival.
Yellow Fever Vaccination CertificateIf you are arriving from a country with a high risk of yellow fever, you will need to present a yellow fever vaccination certificate.
Proof of FinancesProof that you can support yourself during your stay in Colombia.

It’s important to note that some travelers may be subject to additional documentation requirements, such as business travel or permanent residency. It’s best to verify the specific requirements for your travel plans with a Colombian consulate or embassy in your home country.

By ensuring that you have the necessary documentation to meet immigration requirements, you can make your entry into Colombia a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Colombia Visa Fees

Before applying for a Colombian visa, it’s important to understand all the costs involved to ensure you can plan accordingly. The fees for a Colombian visa vary based on the type of visa you’re applying for, and the processing time you require.

Visa TypeProcessing TimeFee (USD)
Visitor (Tourist)5 business days55
Visitor (Tourist)24 hours140
Visitor (Business)5 business days190
Resident5 business days285

Note that these fees are subject to change, so be sure to double-check the current Colombian visa fees before beginning the application process. Additionally, payment of Colombian visa fees does not guarantee the issuance of a visa.

Tip: To avoid delays or complications with your visa application, ensure you’ve completed all necessary requirements and have the proper documentation before submitting your application.

Visa Exemptions for Colombia

Good news! Some foreign citizens are exempt from a visa to enter Colombia. However, it’s essential to know if you’re eligible for this exemption and the specific requirements you need to meet. Here’s an overview of the main categories of travelers who may qualify for visa-free entry:

Eligible CategoriesSpecific Requirements
Citizens from certain countriesCheck the list of countries with visa exemptions. Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of entry.
Diplomatic and consular missionsCheck the specific visa exemption agreement with your country’s respective embassy.
Transit passengersYou must have a valid onward ticket and remain in the transit area for no more than 24 hours.
OthersCheck the Colombian migration website for a comprehensive list of categories that may qualify for a visa exemption.

If you’re not eligible for a visa exemption, don’t worry. You can still apply for a Colombian visa and fulfill the necessary requirements to enter the country. We’ll guide you through the process in Section 2 and Section 3 of this article.

Remember that immigration regulations can change frequently. It’s best to consult the official Colombian migration website or the relevant embassy or consulate for the latest information on visa exemptions before traveling to Colombia.

Visa Extensions in Colombia

If you plan to stay in Colombia for longer than your visa permits, extending your visa is a straightforward process. However, it’s essential to apply weeks in advance to avoid any last-minute complications. Most visas in Colombia can be renewed up to two times, and some for more extended periods.

To request a visa extension, visit the Migración Colombia office or the closest Colombian consulate.

It’s essential to be updated on the latest Colombia visa regulations for visa renewals. Migración Colombia may ask for specific additional documents or fees, depending on your visa type, length of stay, or application method. For instance, in some cases, you may need to present a copy of your air ticket to prove that you’re leaving the country within the allowed time frame. To avoid any hindrances or delays, ensure that you have all the necessary documents and that they’re valid and up-to-date.

Here are some general steps to extend your visa:

  1. Download the visa extension form from the Migración Colombia website, or pick it up at the Migración Colombia office.
  2. Fill out the form in Spanish with relevant details, such as your name, passport details, visa information, and the proposed duration of your extension.
  3. Attach any additional documentation required for the visa extension.
  4. Pay the necessary fees for the visa extension. You can make the payment at a bank or via online banking.
  5. Submit the form, along with the additional documents and proof of payment, to a Migración Colombia office or Colombian consulate.
  6. Wait for the visa extension to be approved and collect your new visa in person.

It’s worth noting that Migración Colombia won’t accept incomplete or illegible forms, so ensure you complete the form correctly and in clear writing.

Important Things to Note:

  • Petitioning for a visa extension doesn’t guarantee approval. Your petition will face thorough scrutiny to ensure it meets all legal requirements. Thus, It’s best to apply as soon as possible.
  • If your visa expires before you’ve received your visa extension, but you have already applied for an extension, you won’t be penalized. The regulation guarantees that you won’t face any penalties for staying in the country provided you have a pending visa renewal application in process.
  • Ensure you comply with all Colombian visa regulations and immigration requirements to avoid any adverse legal action.

Visa extensions in Colombia are a useful solution for those who want to stay in the country for an extended period. By following the above steps, you can extend your visa and enjoy all that Colombia has to offer, hassle-free.

Consular Services for Visas

For travelers who have questions or concerns related to their visa application, consular services are available to provide assistance and guidance. Consular offices can support applicants in navigating the intricacies of the visa application process and ensure that all necessary documentation is submitted correctly.

In addition to providing support during the application process, consular services can also answer questions related to visa regulations for entering Colombia. Whether you need information on the types of visas available or assistance with obtaining the necessary Colombian visa documents, the consular office can help.

When seeking consular services for visas, it is important to make an appointment ahead of time. This helps to ensure that there is adequate time to address any questions or concerns that you may have.


Understanding the visa requirements for entering Colombia is essential for a seamless travel experience. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, ensure that you comply with all the necessary documentation and procedures to avoid any issues when arriving in Colombia.

Remember that requirements may vary depending on your nationality and the purpose of your visit. It’s always a good idea to check with the Colombian embassy or consulate in your home country before making any travel arrangements.

¡Buen viaje a Colombia! (Safe travels to Colombia!)


What are the visa requirements to enter Colombia?

To enter Colombia, you generally need a valid passport with a minimum validity of six months, a visa, and proof of onward travel or return ticket. Visa requirements vary depending on your country of citizenship, so it’s important to check the specific requirements for your nationality before traveling.

What are the different types of visas available for entry into Colombia?

Colombia offers various types of visas, including tourism visas, student visas, work visas, investment visas, and more. The type of visa you need will depend on the purpose of your visit. It’s essential to determine the appropriate visa category and fulfill the requirements accordingly.

How do I apply for a Colombian visa?

To apply for a Colombian visa, you need to submit the necessary documents, including a completed application form, a valid passport, proof of financial means, proof of accommodation, and any other specific documents required for your visa category. You can obtain the visa application forms from the Colombian consulate or embassy in your country of residence.

What are the immigration requirements when entering Colombia?

When entering Colombia, you need to present your valid passport, the visa corresponding to your visit purpose (if required), and any additional documents requested by immigration authorities. It’s important to have all the necessary documents in order to ensure a smooth entry into the country.

How much are the visa fees for entering Colombia?

The visa fees for entering Colombia vary depending on the visa category and your nationality. It’s recommended to check with the Colombian consulate or embassy in your country of residence for the specific visa fees applicable to your situation. Remember to budget for these fees when planning your trip.

Are there any visa exemptions for entering Colombia?

Yes, certain travelers may be eligible for visa-free entry into Colombia. Visa exemptions apply to citizens of some countries, including those holding valid residence permits from certain countries. However, it’s important to check the specific requirements and duration of stay permitted under these visa exemptions.

How can I extend my visa while in Colombia?

If you need to extend your visa while in Colombia, you must apply for a visa extension through the Colombian immigration authorities. The extension process typically involves submitting the necessary documents, paying the corresponding fees, and providing a valid reason for the extension request. It’s advisable to start the extension process well before your current visa expires.

What consular services are available for visa-related matters?

Consular offices provide various services related to visas, including visa inquiries, guidance on visa regulations, application support, and assistance with visa-related issues. If you have any questions or need assistance with your Colombian visa, contacting the nearest Colombian embassy or consulate is recommended.

Advantages of trip with Transfers & Tours

Advantages of trip with Transfers & Tours


Organizing your long-awaited trip is a difficult task. It takes a long time and a lot of patience. So, if you’re considering a vacation to Colombia, consider the advantages of hiring an expert to handle all of your logistics and planning. Using the services of tour operators like might help you save a lot of money on your family vacation.

Tour operators put together a package for you that includes meals, lodging, local sightseeing, and other transportation. Simply put, transferstours plans and organizes your entire vacation for you.

Explore Colombia

Colombia is a beautiful country with a long history in South America. Your tour operator will arrange for you to have the best cultural experiences possible throughout your stay in this nation. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of customizing your journey with transferstours.

Benefits of travel planning with a transferstours

Tour operators make sure that your trip is memorable and has numerous advantages, as listed below.

  • Knowledge of destination: They are well-versed in the area where you are going. They will assist you in connecting with local Colombian communities and will take you on a tour of the country’s hidden treasures.
  • It makes your trip economical: Isn’t it true that everyone travels on a budget? However, just because you’re on a low budget doesn’t mean you have to lose out on Colombia’s best experiences. Your tour operator will plan your itinerary around your budget, ensuring that your trip is both affordable and fun. Most tour operators provide exclusive bargains and can advise you on the best time to book your trip if you want to save money..
  • Main tourist attractions will be more accessible: With the appropriate tour operator, this access is one of the most sought-after perks. If you visit Colombia during the peak tourist season, your tour operator will be able to provide you with access to several popular tourist attractions. There are also countless amazing natural parks and unique flora and fauna all around the country that you will be able to visit if you travel with a tour operator. Transferstours frequently have prior arrangements with these tourist destinations, allowing their clients to visit a variety of popular locations more quickly.
  • Less stress of planningIsn’t it true that no one enjoys the hassle of travel planning? Tour companies will help you organize your trip to Colombia and ensure that your stay is as pleasant as possible. Because these tour operators are locals, they have all of the necessary expertise and arrangements, leaving you with nothing to do but relax and enjoy!
  • Your personal vacation requests will be honoured: What if you want to go on a river or forest excursion in Leticia while you’re in Colombia? What if you wish to see the La Guajira dunes? These are hidden jewels that are distributed across the country and do not normally come with a tour package. However, if transferstours is planning your trip, you can always ask them these specific questions! You can choose these destinations after doing some study, and your tour operator will arrange your schedule around them.

Summing Up

Your time is worth more than gold over the holidays. So let’s not waste any time and make sure you get the most out of your trip to Colombia! Allow your tour operator to organize your itinerary while you relax and experience the best of Colombia.

Travel to Colombia with cryptocurrencies

How travel to Colombia with cryptocurrencies

Do you intend to travel to Colombia? Then there’s one more thing to know about this country. Colombia is one of the countries that is thriving in the bitcoin market right now. In Colombia, you can use cryptocurrencies to pay for a variety of things during your vacation, including flights, restaurants, and more!

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Simply put, cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual form of money. It is based on blockchain technology and may be used to purchase products and services without the usage of actual money or currencies. Despite the fact that it is a digital type of currency, you do not need to be concerned about its security. It is cryptography-protected, making forgery impossible.

Have You Ever Wondered: How To Travel To Colombia With Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency is restricted to the informal sector in Colombia due to special policies and laws. Although it is not illegal to conduct bitcoin transactions in Colombia, there is no centralized exchange service. These are the locations in Colombia where bitcoin transactions are permitted:


  • For payments linked to transportation: By transportation, we mean local transportation services such as taxis. In Colombia, there are various cab services where you can pay with cryptocurrency. For many Uber drivers in Colombia, it is a very common means of payment.
  • Flight bookings: If you want to book a flight to Colombia using bitcoin, you can do it without difficulty! Several companies, such as cheapair,, and, make it simple to book flights using bitcoin without any restrictions. Try tour packages for the finest experience, as they provide you with a variety of options for experiencing Colombia while using a convenient payment method.
  • Hotel bookings: You can book hotels with bitcoin in the same way that you can purchase flights. Websites like travelbybit and travala provide hotel booking alternatives. These websites will provide you with a plethora of excellent hotel options in Colombia, and they consider cryptocurrencies to be a very secure method of payment.
  • In restaurants and food stands: There are a number of food stands in Colombia that accept cryptocurrency payments. These restaurants or eateries have a sign in their establishments stating that they take Bitcoins.
  • For shopping: Is it possible to travel without shopping? Isn’t it true that this isn’t possible? In Colombia, you’ll find a variety of retail outlets that take cryptocurrency. These will be modest souvenir stores with similar placards proclaiming that they accept cryptocurrency transactions.

There are easily accessible exchange service providers, such as Binance or Kraken, that can help you convert your currency. Additionally, bitcoin services are available through ATMs across the country, much like traditional currency.

Top Cities In Colombia Where You Can Use Cryptocurrency

There is one important element to consider when creating a bucket list of Colombian destinations. You should be aware of the Colombian cities that accept cryptocurrencies.

  • Bogota: First and foremost, there is the lovely city of Bogota. Banco de Bogotá, one of the first commercial banks in Bogota to accept crypto money transfers, is located in the city.
  • Cali: The next-in-line city in the city of Cali, which is another well-known city that conducts Bitcoin transactions. Crypto transactions in Cali have been made easier thanks to exchanges such as Etoro, Coinbase, and others.
  • Pereira: Pereira has made a reputation for itself in the cryptocurrency market. There are a number of hotels and restaurants in Pereira that accept cryptocurrency. This city is awash in cryptocurrency ATMs, and there are a slew of thriving businesses that have begun to accept bitcoins.

Final Thoughts

Colombia’s cryptocurrency industry is booming, and if you use bitcoins wisely, your trip to this beautiful country will be more affordable. Colombia can provide you with a variety of possibilities, ranging from simple payment methods to rapid crypto conversions.

fun in colombia

What to do in Bogotá

What to do in Bogota?

I write this post from the depths of my experiences, I want to leave in this article valuable information for those who want to visit the beautiful lands of Colombia and think what to do in Bogotá? and where to go specifically, enjoy their tours and activities.

The first thing that occurs to us when listening to Colombia is anything about the danger of the city of Bogotá and Colombia in general. After reading several forums, many articles on travel blogs, and after literally devouring the “Narcos” series the doubts will not disappear, on the contrary. You will have to take your bags and go on a trip to discover the amazing country that awaits us in Colombia.

Contrary to what is stigmatized, this trip will be a joyous one. A trip that will make you discover a wonderful town, a town with the desire to live and let the whole world know that times have changed. It is worth going on tours in Bogotá. Colombia is changing, and everything that the bad languages ​​of this country can say has already stopped being that way (at least to a great extent).

Urban Experience

Of course, you have to keep your eyes open like in any other part of the world, avoid neighborhoods that are still very poor and therefore dangerous and not walk at night in certain areas.

Let’s take the Colombian saying literally: “don’t give papaya”, that is, don’t give the opportunity to be hurt. Don’t brag about smartphones, cameras, gold… Because they could attract attention. It is advisable to walk with what is strictly necessary leaving money, credit cards, passport and valuables at the hotel, make a photocopy of your passport because they can ask for your documents.

That said, we assure you that you will never feel in danger, not even in Candelaria, a neighborhood considered risky, nor will you feel any feeling of danger after sunset.

At night, however, it is better to go out in a taxi or with your tour guide and not walk down the street alone.

How to get around Bogota?

Taxis in Bogotá that are legally registered are yellow, have a meter on the passenger side and you can easily stop them on the street, or have the hotel call them.

Many people do not recommend stopping them on the street. You can also use UBER, or an authorized tourist transport service that can pick you up directly from the airport and works perfectly in the town.

In Bogotá there is no metro, the city is served by Transmilenio, a network of buses that travels through the capital’s streets.

What to do in Bogota in 1 day?

Next, I will leave you a series of places that are worth going to and taking the time to enjoy them, you can even buy one of our tours through Colombia, there is much to see and share. Towards every corner we look there is something to do in this beautiful Colombian city. And remember that you have a tool to know what opinion other travelers have about what to do in Bogota and it is tripadvisor

Paloquemao Market

Like any local, a morning visit to the Paloquemao market is mandatory. The market is not a tourist parador and is located on Calle 19, about 20 minutes by car from Candelaria.

You can walk on your own, without being afraid. Although if you prefer, you can accompany you on our excursions through Bogotá in private transport and a Guide who will show you the corners of this Cultural city.

The word “Paloquemao” comes from “burnt stick,” a name born from a tree that allegedly burned down around Calle 19 some 60 years ago. Today in this market you can find flowers, meat, vegetables, fruits, packaged products and seafood from all over the country. Outside the market there are many colorful flowers of all kinds, starting with the roses. You may not know it, but Colombia is the first exporting producer of roses in the world.

Culture Experience

Inside, in the covered part, an infinity of foods, from meat to fish, fruit, a lot of exotic fruit to taste, fruit juices and milk and then aromatic herbs, marijuana and coca creams widely used by Colombians and street food.

In addition to the variety of fruits and vegetables sold directly by the producer, there are mini sections that focus only on one product such as potatoes, herbs and aromatic herbs, corn, avocado, eggs and chickens, which until a few months ago were slaughtered before the eyes of the buyer.

This is a good place to try empanadas, typical Colombian street food made with corn flour, stuffed with shredded chicken meat and potatoes, corn arepa and corn polenta cooked in sycamore leaves, as you understood the flour of corn is the teacher.


Candelaria is the pulsating district of Bogotá. The starting point is the Plaza de Bolívar, and then continues through the narrow streets of the historic center of the district. Many hostels and cafes have opened here in recent years, but at night it is not recommended for foreign tourists.

One of the most beautiful streets in La Candelaria is Callejón del Embudo, a small alley full of graffiti where there are several cafes perfect to drink the local drink, chicha.

Candelaria is watched all day by the police.

Monserrate Hill

One of the obligatory places to do in Bogota is 3150 meters high, at the top of Monserrate, there is a white church, a pilgrimage destination for the statue of the Fallen Christ.

There are three ways to go up there:

On foot: 1500 steps of steep ascent (not recommended due to the great effort, or because there have been cases of theft) by cable car or funicular.

Climbing the Cerro de Monserrate immediately after sunset is wonderful. having a romantic dinner in one of its restaurants with the night view of Bogota is memorable

Here is a restaurant and a cafe where we stopped to have the typical chocolate with cheese, Santa Fe chocolate.

The museums of Bogota
The gold Museum

The Gold Museum is very interesting, it houses more than 55,000 pieces of gold and other materials from the populations that followed one another in Colombia before the arrival of the Spanish.

After having been in the Guatavita lagoon we have rediscovered the legend of El Dorado here. Gold and figurines that were thrown into the Lagoon are exhibited on the third floor.

The Botero Museum

The Botero Museum is located just behind the Plaza de Bolívar, it is free and it is wonderful. The artist Fernando Botero has donated all the works exhibited in this museum to the Banco de la República.

2 floors of paintings and works not to be missed!

Besides the paintings and works of Botero, many works by Picasso, Miró, Chagall, Renoir.

Where to stay and eat in Bogotà?

If you want to relax, the best areas to sleep in Bogotá are the pink zone, the T zone or the 93 Park zone. From here by taxi it is about 20 minutes to the center.

In these 3 different areas there are restaurants where you can eat at night, shopping centers and shops where you can go shopping.

Colombia is an amazing destination, full of completely magical landscapes, its people and its energy are fresh. It seems that a great family awaits us in Colombia, their unparalleled treatment and proximity make this place a total enjoyment.

May this little guide be useful to you, my dear traveler, and to many others who feel the impetus to visit these distant lands and discover all the charm that a town and its tradition have maintained and promoted over the years. It’s time to dust off your suitcases and go in search of adventures, memories and new ways of perceiving life.


fun in colombia

Medellín the new direction!

Medellin the new direction

medellin the new direction
medellin the new direction

Transfers & Tours Colombia day by day seeks to provide you with the best experiences, and this month we decided to embark on the adventure of La Ruta Paisa with Medellin and Antioquia, knowing in depth great places in which you can discover new cultures, new landscapes and other customs to That you take advantage of and get to know our country on your trip to Colombia with the best tour operators.

Medellin the city of eternal spring

Because of this we want to share with you some of the most beautiful and important places in the Paisa region, among which you will find Guatapé and La Piedra del Peñol, a place full of magic, warm people, delicious gastronomy and an excellent climate where you can admire beautiful works of art on the walls of the houses and observe at 2,135 meters above sea level a majestic landscape mixed between land and water.

Experiences in Medellin

You will also find the capital Paisa, MEDELLíN, the city of eternal spring where you will enjoy several attractions such as Pueblito Paisa, Parque de Los Pies Descalzos, La Plaza de Botero, among other magical and wonderful places where we capture the best of the route. Paisa.

Don’t think that’s it! …

You are going to live the experience of visiting Santa Fe de Antioquia, a place that transports you back in time, you will see again the cobbled streets, majestic colonial houses worthy of our pre-Hispanic culture, the grandeur of the imposing churches, and the tranquility of being in a beautiful park with a beautiful fountain and beautiful gardens.

Paisa culture

In 2020 we want to share these places with our travelers, so we enable Medellín in our services! And now you can meet with us these same destinations in different plans that we already have enabled, come to know and recognize emblematic places such as “La comuna 13”, La Hacienda Napoles, El Parque Arvi, El Parque Explora and much more, always accompanied by the best Private transportation service and bilingual logistical support that is ready to provide you with the best comfort.

Contact us to give you more information, and if you arrive at the Airport, don’t worry, we also have transportation service from the Airport to the Hotel or from the Hotel to the Airport.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity!