Travel to Colombia with cryptocurrencies

How travel to Colombia with cryptocurrencies

Do you intend to travel to Colombia? Then there’s one more thing to know about this country. Colombia is one of the countries that is thriving in the bitcoin market right now. In Colombia, you can use cryptocurrencies to pay for a variety of things during your vacation, including flights, restaurants, and more!

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Simply put, cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual form of money. It is based on blockchain technology and may be used to purchase products and services without the usage of actual money or currencies. Despite the fact that it is a digital type of currency, you do not need to be concerned about its security. It is cryptography-protected, making forgery impossible.

Have You Ever Wondered: How To Travel To Colombia With Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency is restricted to the informal sector in Colombia due to special policies and laws. Although it is not illegal to conduct bitcoin transactions in Colombia, there is no centralized exchange service. These are the locations in Colombia where bitcoin transactions are permitted:


  • For payments linked to transportation: By transportation, we mean local transportation services such as taxis. In Colombia, there are various cab services where you can pay with cryptocurrency. For many Uber drivers in Colombia, it is a very common means of payment.
  • Flight bookings: If you want to book a flight to Colombia using bitcoin, you can do it without difficulty! Several companies, such as cheapair,, and, make it simple to book flights using bitcoin without any restrictions. Try tour packages for the finest experience, as they provide you with a variety of options for experiencing Colombia while using a convenient payment method.
  • Hotel bookings: You can book hotels with bitcoin in the same way that you can purchase flights. Websites like travelbybit and travala provide hotel booking alternatives. These websites will provide you with a plethora of excellent hotel options in Colombia, and they consider cryptocurrencies to be a very secure method of payment.
  • In restaurants and food stands: There are a number of food stands in Colombia that accept cryptocurrency payments. These restaurants or eateries have a sign in their establishments stating that they take Bitcoins.
  • For shopping: Is it possible to travel without shopping? Isn’t it true that this isn’t possible? In Colombia, you’ll find a variety of retail outlets that take cryptocurrency. These will be modest souvenir stores with similar placards proclaiming that they accept cryptocurrency transactions.

There are easily accessible exchange service providers, such as Binance or Kraken, that can help you convert your currency. Additionally, bitcoin services are available through ATMs across the country, much like traditional currency.

Top Cities In Colombia Where You Can Use Cryptocurrency

There is one important element to consider when creating a bucket list of Colombian destinations. You should be aware of the Colombian cities that accept cryptocurrencies.

  • Bogota: First and foremost, there is the lovely city of Bogota. Banco de Bogotá, one of the first commercial banks in Bogota to accept crypto money transfers, is located in the city.
  • Cali: The next-in-line city in the city of Cali, which is another well-known city that conducts Bitcoin transactions. Crypto transactions in Cali have been made easier thanks to exchanges such as Etoro, Coinbase, and others.
  • Pereira: Pereira has made a reputation for itself in the cryptocurrency market. There are a number of hotels and restaurants in Pereira that accept cryptocurrency. This city is awash in cryptocurrency ATMs, and there are a slew of thriving businesses that have begun to accept bitcoins.

Final Thoughts

Colombia’s cryptocurrency industry is booming, and if you use bitcoins wisely, your trip to this beautiful country will be more affordable. Colombia can provide you with a variety of possibilities, ranging from simple payment methods to rapid crypto conversions.